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BEST KOREAN FOOD IN HARFORD COUNTY ! This is my second time ordering & the food was just as delicious as the first time. I ordered a large beef bulgohgi mild, my husband order a small spicy beef bulgohgi, my daughter ordered beef ramen mild, and my youngest daughter order a small beef bulgohgi mild. We've had the mild beef bulgohgi last time and it was still so so good. A lot of flavor and juice. The meet was very tender. This was the first time we tried spicy Beef Bulgogi, IT WAS SO FLAVORFUL & spicy, I was very impressed that it had so much flavor along with spice. Each meal comes with kimchi & pickled radish The Mild Beef Ramen was hand down the best my family has ever tasted. There was so much flavor in the broth & again the meat was so tender. The portions were huge but so perfect. My family really loves this restaurant. We have all decided that this will be our go to spot for soup when we are sick because this food really warms the body and feeds the soul.